Adventures in Raspberry Pi “Adventure 2”


The chapter is titled “Taking Command of your Raspberry Pi”.  This chapters primary focus is how to navigate the terminal. It starts off by describing what the terminal is and how to find it. A thorough description of what is presented to you once you open it is also provided.

A comparison of the “Command Line Interface” (CLI), and the “Graphical User Interface” (GUI) is provided in the next section. I liked that they in this comparison it spoke to how you can easily navigate with typed commands. I personally feel that it is faster to type than it is to click.


You are then shown some basic commands on how to navigate folders. This is an important lesson to cover since the Raspberry Pi is based on Linux. As you follow along with the chapter you are meant to replicate what is being presented on your Raspberry Pi. This helped to solidify the understanding of each command. Some of the commands that are covered are – “cat” which displays the contents of text files, “cp” which makes a copy of a file, “mv” which moves a file to a new location, “rm” which removes or deletes a file. There are many other commands that are covered also.


After learning how to navigate with the “CLI” we jump into the installation and updating of Applications. This introduces the “sudo” command. Sudo is basically giving administrative privileges to your commands. One really cool command that is covered is “man”. The “man” command will pull up the manual for any applications you have installed.

The chapter finishes up with how to shut down your computer. This is also a good lesson as they describe how important shutting down properly is. We are also shown how to reboot the computer using the “CLI”. This is also important since installing applications may require a restart before they function.


Up next week is “Adventure 3: Creating Stories and Games with Scratch”. I have played with Scratch from MIT in the past. This is a great resource to get kids involved with programming. Maybe I will have another post that covers that in the future.

Check out my last post Adventures In Raspberry Pi to catch up if you missed it.

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