single_monthly_box_600x6001675636648.pngI signed up for this subscription service called Hackerboxes. You get a box at the end of each month. Each box has new projects that are supported by an Instructables page. Recipients create supporting content via YouTube and other outlets.

The site states that volume purchasing lowers the cost. This is reflected in the cost of previous boxes. Boxes from months past have a price of $59.00 USD. If you subscribe to the monthly service the cost is $45.00 USD.

My box arrived Sept. 29 and the Instructable showed up Oct. 1. The package is a plain white box tightly packed with all the goodies inside. My initial impression is positive, although I wish I had got the cool box shown above. I received Hackerbox 23 “Digital Airwaves”. From the pieces I have looked at so far I’m thinking I have a “High Gain Antenna”. A detailed parts list here can be found in the link above.


Digital Airwaves
I liked the addition of the sew on patch. I will have to find a way to incorporate that into the project.


The Instructables page that supports this box is very thorough. It goes over all of the items and how to use them.

This is a cool subscription service. If anything it will help to build my supplies for other projects I work on. The target audience is probably someone with an intermediate level of electronics experience. They do have a Starter Workshop available that is fairly decent for the price. The starter workshop should bring a novice up to speed.

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